15 Apr, 2023


Is Tlc Now Only Hiring Couples With Many Age Gaps?

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There Is No Age Limit To Live

Age does not matter! As the proverb says, Age is only a number! This certainly applies to 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise season three on TLC.

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Relationships And ''Age Gap''

The second season's theme may be the 'Age Gap'' in relationships, especially considering the cast this season.

Media Credits: In Touch Weekly

An Entirely Different Cast From The Previous One

Even though the new cast is very different from the previous cast, they share some common experiences, so the producers decided to bring only couples with major age differences.

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A Growing Controversy Has Developed

There have been age differences and language differences throughout the 90 Day Fiance franchise, but the major age differences have become increasingly controversial.

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Getting Married And Expecting

It's time for another season of Love In Paradise. It's the first for Juan and Jessica, a 29-year-old couple who are freshly engaged and pregnant with Juan's child.

Media Credits: The Independent

Relationships Over Long Distances

Continuing to move forward, Jamaican citizen Everton (48), who shares a 10-year age gap with Jordan (38), is in a long-distance relationship with Jordan.

Media Credits: Insider

Difference In Ages

During this time, Scott (56) and Lidia (51) have been dating for over a year. They share an age difference of nearly five years.

Media Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

The Difference In Total Ages

Additionally, 38-year-old April dates a 26-year-old Dominican who works as a personal trainer and has a 9-year age difference.

Media Credits: Yahoo Finance

This Was A Popular Pastime

This season, TLC is going overboard with different age couples, despite age-different couples being popular in the past.

Media Credits: BuzzFeed

Age Gap Fan Theories

The network has yet to respond to these fan theories regarding the wide age gap between four out of five couples this season.

Media Credits: Yahoo News

There Is A Huge Age Gap

A huge age gap has been prevalent since the franchise began. The shows have proved very entertaining when showcasing couples with huge age gaps.

Media Credits: The Independent

Jenny's And Sumit's Age Difference

There is an example of a 30-year age difference between Sumit and Jenny from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Sumit was 33, and Jenny was 63.

Media Credits: People

The Show's Biggest Age Gap

Debbie and Oussama share the largest age gap in the show's history, 43 years, from Season 4 of the spin-off series.

Media Credits: In Touch Weekly

An End To A Marriage

The marriage of Mark Shoemaker, a 56-year-old man, and Nikki Mediano, a teenage girl, ended in divorce in March of 2022 after he and Nikki shared 39 years of age difference.

Media Credits: Vader.news

Early Season Debut

''Laura'' Jallali (51) made her debut in an earlier season with Aladin Jallali (29) with a 22-year age gap, whereas Aladin traveled from Qatar to meet his one-and-a-half-year-old boyfriend.

Media Credits: Reality TV World

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