18 Apr, 2023


Is Kylie Jenner Keeping Things Casual With Timothee Chalamet?

By FactsWow Team

Potential future together

There has been a buzz about Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner dating since the news broke, with netizens speculating about a possible future together.

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The relationship could be more serious

Though Jenner and Chalamet are dating, the relationship is not serious, according to an Entertainment Tonight source.

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Spending time with friends

It's great to see Kylie and Timothee together at the moment. They aren't serious, but she is enjoying their time together.

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Relationships from the past

Compared to her previous relationships, it feels very different for Kylie. According to the source, she is enjoying the new experience.

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Coachella kissing spotted

She appears to have gotten back together with her sister Camila Cabello and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes after they were spotted kissing at Coachella. Kendall Jenner is dancing to her rumored boyfriend Bad Bunny's music.

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Opportunity knocks

Coachella was the perfect opportunity to address rumors and go public, but Jenner and Chalamet chose to avoid taking advantage of it.

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Having a chill day

This past weekend at Coachella, Kylie decided not to make her relationship with Timothee public and just wanted to chill and enjoy her friends,' a source revealed.

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The embrace was easy for Kylie

As they described how they met, they said, 'Kylie easily embraced Timothy because he's friends with Kendall.'

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There's nothing to worry about

There have only been a few times when Kylie and Timothee have met, so things aren't as serious as they seem.

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Preparation is key

She is interested in knowing him better and is open to seeing where things go. Things are new, so she doesn't know what to expect, but so far, she is pleased.'

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It is relaxing

Their hangout is relaxing and casual, as the 25-year-old act and 27-year-old star enjoy one another's company.

Media Credits: Timothee Chalamet Fan

Shows respect to her

Despite his charm and ability to make Kylie laugh, Timothy is a total gentleman who treats her respectfully.

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Chemistry is really good

The source said she had chemistry with him regardless of the type of woman she was.

Media Credits: The New York Times

The couple split up

Kylie Cosmetics founder Kylie Jenner has split from her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott, with whom she has two children, Stormi and Aire.

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