18 Apr, 2023


Is Calvin Harris Tying The Knot With Fiancee Vick This Year?

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An out-of-the-light relationship.

Despite their love for each other, Calvin Harris and Vick Hope have always remained quiet about their relationship.

Media Credits: The Scottish Sun

Reports indicate

Reports indicate that the couple will tie the knot in a private ceremony. The couple is making headlines now.

Media Credits: Hello Magazine

Relationships taking big steps

In the last month, the couple moved in together, which marked a big step in their relationship.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Vick and Calvin got engaged.

For those unfamiliar, Calvin proposed to Vick on the 138-acre Terra Masia farm in Ibiza with a huge diamond ring.

Media Credits: The Sun

Maintaining a private relationship

According to Vick, their relationship is private because the time spent together is 'real life' and private.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Become at peace with yourself.

After a long day of work, I'm heading home to my own life. Finding balance and peace is something I'm learning.

Media Credits: LOS40

Intimate wedding details

Just five months after they began dating, Calvin, a Scottish DJ, proposed to Vick, a BBC Radio 1 presenter.

Media Credits: The Sun

Now the couple is ready.

It has been reported that the couple is now nearing the end of their preparations for wedding vows, and they are all set to take them shortly.

Media Credits: Scottish Daily Express

Keeping it quiet

A source told The Sun that Vick and Calvin had kept their relationship private for most of their relationship, so they didn't have an extravagant wedding.

Media Credits: POPSUGAR UK

Keeping it simple and intimate

Their preference is to make the day more intimate and simpler.' The source also said they would only invite their closest family and friends to the wedding.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

In the beginning, Vick was 19 years old.

Calvin's advances were rejected by Vick when he was an upcoming DJ when they were 19 years old.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Calvin took his first step.

In 2007, when Calvin's hit Acceptable in the 80s was becoming a hit, she first tried to get Calvin's attention, but he rejected her.

Media Credits: The Mirror

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