26 Jul, 2023


Irina Shayk And Gisele Bundchen: Similarities Of Their Modeling Careers

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Tom Brady

Tom Brady has got a definite type. An ex-NFL quarterback has moved forward from his colleague catwalk, Irina Shayk, and supermodel or ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen.

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Irina and Gisele

Both women, Gisele and Irina, have experienced their utmost share within the fashion-industry growth, and, thus, the career of Bundchen is a blueprint of the sorts in modeling superstardom.

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Vamping At Victoria's Secret

The Supermodel, Bundchen, walked for the annual fashion show from 1999 to 2006. Shayk walked through the catwalk of a lingerie retailer. She made her first debut in 2016's brand fashion show, going on the runway six months pregnant with her boyfriend, Bradley Cooper.

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Voguing for 'Versace'

Regarding the print ads, Bundchen and Shayk have posed as the topmost world designer that counts various campaigns for the event of Versace over the years. Follow Factswow.com to learn about the celebrity's latest outfits in 2023.

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Bundchen's Outfits: 2018 Campaign

Since it was the first ad, Bundchen sported a silk headscarf for Versace's summer/spring 2018 campaign. It looked similar to that worn by Queen Elizabeth-esque. She added an identical animal-print dress with a black top-handled bag and gold studs.

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Shayk Appeared In 2018 Campaign

Shayk also starred in the same 2018 fashion show Campaign, and one year later, she starred in one of the summer/spring 2019 ads when she wore a slinky black slip dress holding a black quilted purse and identical gilded hardware.

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Givenchy's Stripping Down

Both women are assured not to feel shy. Shayk and Bundchen trenched their shirts to give an appearance in the Sexy Jeans Campaign of 'Givenchy' in 2016. Each bombshell for the black & white shots posed on shoulders wearing only close-fitting denim.

Media Credits: Harper's BAZAAR

Strutting For Fashion Week: Sao Paulo

Bundchen walked the first Sao Paulo fashion week in 2000 and the last runway for the pre-Rio Olympics in 2015 for Colcci. Conversely, Shayk appeared in the Triton show 2014 at the Sau Paulo fashion show.

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Modeling at Missoni Campaign

Shayk and Bundchen starred in campaigns, wearing a label's signature of barred knitwear. Shayk wore a patchwork palazzo with a 1970s tunic for the summer/spring 2017 ads of Missoni. While Bundchen chose the face of a celestial-themed 2019 campaign for the Italian house.

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