29 Mar, 2023


Inspiring Speech From Taylor Swift At IHeartRadio Innovator Awards

By FactsWow Team

An Innovation Award Was Presented

It was Taylor Swift's turn to receive an award on Monday night at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Innovator Award was given to her.

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She Accepts The Award

Rather than focusing on making tried-and-true music, the 33-year-old singer-songwriter talked about trying new things while accepting her award.

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Transformational Scret Shared

In an interview, Michelle also shared a secret to transforming her career: to give herself 'permission to fail.'

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Dress In One Piece

The sequin-covered black one-piece outfit that the hitmaker wore made her the center of attention.

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Covered sequined Hood

A black outfit with a sequined hood concealed her pin-straight blond hair. Built-in sequin heels completed the look.

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The Appearance Is Imposing

She had toned legs, a tight bodysuit that cinched around her waist, and padded shoulders that gave her an imposing appearance.

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Smoky Eye Makeup Included

In addition to her hair, she had a tasteful smokey eye and beautiful long hair framed by chic bangs.

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Taylor's Award Was Presented

Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor's friend and tour mate, presented Taylor's award in an elegant black sleeveless satin dress with spaghetti straps and a flower-like design.

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The Guitarist Seemed Nervous

Taylor, whose songs she said inspired her when she began writing her own, appeared nervous as the guitarist serenaded her.

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Pop Music's Greatest Hits

Ed praised Taylor's Midnight single Anti-Hero as one of the best pop songs ever written. In his praise, Simu noted this artist's ability to create 'beautiful music' from negative circumstances.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Applauded Her Advocacy

During Taylor's talking head segment, Jonathan Van Ness praised her for advocating for the rights of 'queer and trans people.'

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Being A Role Model Is Innate

Selena said that Taylor had an innate ability to be a role model for millions of people -- and it wasn't something she chose to do.

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Her Friends Thanked Her

As she opened her speech, Taylor thanked her friends and tour mate Phoebe for being involved in the video.

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Often, Companies Had Concerns

The business owners in her company were often concerned with what had a 'precedent,' and new ideas and approaches were only sometimes valued. 

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Support Appreciated By Folk Singer

As her songwriting changed and she shifted genres, the folk singer appreciated the support of her fans.

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Fans should follow Suit

By the end of her speech, she pointed out that she permits herself to fail and that her fans should do the same.

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