24 Mar, 2023


In Poland, Prince William And Palace Staff Were Spotted At An LGBTQ+ Restaurant

By FactsWow Team

LGBTQ+ Restaurant’s New Guest

While dining with Kensington Palace staff in Warsaw, Poland, Prince William attended an LGBTQ+ restaurant. 

Media Credits: CafeMom.com

Prince William's Surprise Trip

The King-in-waiting's surprise trip to Poland and his laidback plans for dinner on Wednesday brought the royal sighting.

Media Credits: RadarOnline

Photos Of Charles III’s Son

As customers snapped photos of King Charles III's elder son at Butero Bistro, they were in disbelief. 

Media Credits: RadarOnline

A Simple Suit

The handsome young man wore no tie and a plain white button-up shirt. 'Warsaw surprises. I had dinner with a prince today.' one local captioned a photo.

Media Credits: Eonline

Surprising Features

Despite the restaurant's advertising that it offers 'your comfort food in a queer space,' locals were surprised. 

Media Credits: People

Support For The Abused Community

As he mentioned Poland's recent anti-LGBT rights push, which has been condemned by both the EU and civil rights groups alike, one bistro customer from Wednesday night's dinner crowd said, as a result of his support, the community in Poland has been treated so unfairly by the current regime.

Media Credits: RadarOnline

Zasim Felt Overwhelmed

'A place where everyone can feel good,' says restaurant owner Pawe Zasim. Prince William did not even know the waitstaff was coming, Zasim says.

Media Credits: OK Magazine

How Zasim Met Prince William?

'Daisy' was the only reservation Zasim remembered under the name of a 12-person party. Originally, we were supposed to have a Daisy birthday party for 12 people. But then a bodyguard appeared and told us we would not have a Daisy party, then Prince William came.

Media Credits: Hollywood Life

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