25 Mar, 2023


In Jason Sudeikis's Custody Case, Olivia Wilde Scores A Win With The Judge's Ruling

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Denied Request

Child custody will remain in California in the case of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis. Sudeikis requested that the case be moved to New York, but Adele Alexis Harris denied his request on Friday, March 24.

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The Court's Decision

The court decided to hold the case in California because it would be in the parties' best interests to hear the child support petition there, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

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Separated Couple

Wilde, 39, won the custody case shortly after calling out Lasso, 47, for prolonging their dispute. The former couple, who split up in November 2020, have two children.

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The Legal Statement

In court documents obtained on Thursday, March 23, the actress' legal team stated, 'Jason should not be able to litigate Olivia into debt, and then claim she should be denied a needs-based fee contribution.' 

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Looking At Jason's Wealth

She knows Jason is much wealthier than her even though she cannot obtain details of his finances because he has refused to respond to basic discovery substantively.

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Fight For Custody

During their messy custody battle, the director of Don't Worry Darling previously offered a rare insight into their approach to parenthood.

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Hand Over The Documents

Her silence was broken in August 2022 when she was served legal papers publicly. In August 2022, four months after the documents were handed to her at CinemaCon, she said that the only people who suffered were her kids because they would have to see that, and they should not have ever known what had happened. 

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Olivia About Her Kids

I found it appalling, but the victims were eight and five, which saddened me. I chose to be an actress and willingly entered the spotlight. However, that is not something my children have asked for. She said I find it deeply painful when my kids end up involved.

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Olivia Felt Disturbed

In her words: I would not say I liked being distracted by this nastiness so that I could not appreciate the work of so many people and my studio. 

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Concentrating On Other Work

The attempt to sabotage it was vicious. But I had a job, and I needed to stay focused. Unfortunately, this was not completely unexpected because she said I left that relationship for a reason.

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