Howie Mandel New Beard Makes Him Unrecognizable On Agt

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Howie Mandel who is known for his clean-shaven head recently unveiled a bearded transformation that shocked his fans. The America Got Talent judge posted an Instagram video flaunting considerable new facial hair. He joked about disabling comments to avoid opinions. Lets examine Mandel announcement, fans reactions, his history of unique looks and his AGT role.

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Fans Reactions to Howie Mandel New Look

Howie bearded transformation elicited strong reactions from his fans on social media. Many praised his bold new style saying the bushy beard made him look distinguished and suave. They urged him to make the look permanent as it suited his personality.But some fans disliked the dramatic change feeling the thick facial hair aged him and looked creepy. They begged him to shave it off immediately and go back to his signature clean look.

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Other fans took a humorous approach comparing Howie to Santa Claus or creating memes referencing famous bearded figures. Puns using 'beard' and 'hairy' popped up across platforms. The extreme makeover gave people lots of comedic material to work with.

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Howie Mandel Previous Looks and Pranks

Howie is no stranger to shocking fans with wild and wacky styles. He famously shaved his head in the late 90s due to obsessive-compulsive disorder finding it cleaner.He has also been known to don crazy wigs, hats and costumes for laughs. Howie had AGT viewers fooled when he dressed up as fellow judge Simon Cowell in a wig. He gave off Charlie Chaplin vibes in glasses and a bowler hat.

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The comedian loves to get laughs by donning disguises like a clown, pirate and superhero in the dressing room and on stage. Howie mischievous sense of humor and lighthearted pranks have always been part of his comedic arsenal.

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Howie Mandel Current Role on AGT

Howie has built a reputation for his humor, honesty, and compassion as an AGT judge since 2010. He engages playfully with contestants cracking jokes about their talents and personalities.Howie has been wowed, surprised and scared by the variety of acts over the years. He has hit the Golden Buzzer numerous times sending favorites straight to the live shows.

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Viewers love Howie for his willingness to be goofy on camera. He has become a beloved mainstay on the show between funny antics and words of wisdom for contestants. Howie continues bringing both comic relief and kindness in his signature style.

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Howie Mandel unveiled a remarkably bushy beard that made him unrecognizable to AGT viewers. His Instagram post drew shock and jokes from fans. But Howie often sports silly looks and costumes as part of his comedic style. We appreciate his willingness to take risks and stay true to himself. Howie never fails to entertain and delight his audience.

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