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Here is a list of the most emotion-filled moments in WWE history

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Eddie Guerrero hugs Chris Benoit

It was amazing to see Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero hug each other as world champions at WrestleMania XX. As best friends, they were well-known to be emotional at times. As fans struggled to fight back the tears, the two men enjoyed their moment on the biggest stage possible as confetti flew around them.

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A big win for Daniel Bryan

One of the most emotional moments at WrestleMania XXX was Daniel Bryan defying The Authority en route to winning the WWE World Championship. In the stadium, thousands of fans were cheering him on, creating such a distinctive atmosphere that audiences were stunned when he ultimately captured the titles.

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Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage reunite

As things went from bad to worse after the retirement match, Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth reunited at WrestleMania VII. A brilliant example of how romance can be done in wrestling is when Elizabeth gets in the ring and launches Sherri out.

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Retirement of Edge

The most heartbreaking retirement speech was Edge's in April 2011 announcement. Retirement speeches are always emotional, especially if they are unexpected. You could see Edge's emotion as he struggled with the situation while still in his prime despite his return in 2020.

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Death of Eddie Guerrero

It was a shocking announcement that surprised everyone and caused real heartbreak in the wrestling world. While any death in wrestling is upsetting, Eddie Guerrero's passing took people by surprise. Wrestlers were showing their emotions in their tribute videos, clearly struggling with their emotions, and it showed how much he meant to the community.

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Leukemia revelation from Roman Reigns

Fans have always loved and booed Roman Reigns in WWE, but when the Big Dog announced his leukaemia had returned, all his fans were behind him. When he first entered the ring, the fans immediately flooded him with love, something nobody expected. It was an emotional moment for the Shield as Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins joined him.

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