14 Apr, 2023


Here Are The Hollywood Stars Who Quit For Different Careers

By FactsWow Team

Attention That Overwhelms

Celebrities who quit Hollywood after becoming successful often cite a desire for something new or overwhelming attention as their reasons for quitting.

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Taking A Break From The Show

Cameron Diaz temporarily left the industry after taking a temporary break from show business after her final acting role in 2014's Annie.

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The Retired Actress Explains Why She Left

As she explained her departure on Hart to Heart, the Peacock talk show hosted by Kevin Hart in April 2021, the retired actress gave a reason for her departure.

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Could You Give Her A Manageable Life?

Charlie's Angels star explained that she just wanted to make her life manageable by herself. It is my daily routine that I make at home on my own.

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According To The Singer

The singer also admitted that as her stardom grew, she felt her life was being 'passed off to others.'

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Her mind was changed

In an action-comedy on Netflix, Cameron stars with Jamie Foxx alongside Cameron Diaz and has changed her mind about taking the spotlight.

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Leaving The Acting World

She left the acting world shortly before marrying Prince Harry. Meghan Markle, another well-known name, also quit fame.

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Her Most Famous Work

The role of Rachel Zane, who played from 2011-2018 Suits, was one of Meghan's most famous.

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The Actress Revealed It

The actress revealed that she 'didn't see it as giving anything up' when she left Hollywood in a BBC interview in 2017.

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