Harry Styles Sparks Dating Buzz with Taylor Russell in London!

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Harry Styles and Taylor Russell have sparked speculations of romance as they were spotted together at a British event, appearing cozy and close together. let's find out more if these speculations hold true.

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The London Sighting

Harry Styles has been rumored to have a new potential love interest in Taylor Russell after they were spotted together at a British event at Oxford Street looking like they were ready to start a new stage in their relationship, if they have not yet taken the step.

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They appeared to be in high spirits as they attended the premiere of her latest theatrical production. At the press night for 'The Effect' hosted at the National Theatre in London on Wednesday, the singer and Taylor were observed sharing a cozy moment.

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They both dressed to slay for the event, Harry was dressed in a dark grey blazer with a pair of sunglasses on his head while Taylor Russell looked beautiful in a brown strapless dress, with her hair elegantly swept in a bun.

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Previous Encounters and Speculations

This is not the first time the paparazzi has spotted harry styles and Taylor together. In the singer's Love on Tour concert in Vienna, Taylor was in attendance and was seen together with harry.

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Just a month later their London outings is now also in the spotlight sparking the rumors of a love interest waiting to happen or has already began. According to TMZ, Harry left the event alone, while carrying Taylor's stuff. However, the car stopped for Taylor to jump in the back seat before taking off.

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Low-Profile Support

Reports suggest that Harry intentionally maintained a discreet presence throughout the play, focusing on ensuring Taylor received the recognition she deserved.After the show, Harry and Taylor were seen being friendly with crowds in attendance of the event. He was also spotted introducing Taylor to his pal, James Corden. Reports suggests, though there were no public display of affection Harry and Taylor seemed wanting to stay close.

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Social Media Frenzy

As the news of their suggested romance keep spreading online, many fans have taken to social media to express their excitement for their blooming romance.One fan even shared a story of her meeting the couple in London, gushing on how beautiful they looked together and how friendly they were.

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Other Relationships

Since his rise to fame as the star singer for One direction, Harry styles has had his fair share of relationships. Early into his career, he made headlines for his romance with the late Caroline Flack, after which he was rumored to date Taylor swift, Kendall Jenner and Camille Rowe.

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Harry's only long lasting relationship was with Olivia Wilde for nearly two years after her very public split from Jason Sudeikis. He even had a tattoo of Olivia. Yet despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, Styles maintained his stance on keeping his romances private.

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Neither Confirming Nor Denying

Currently neither Harry Styles nor Taylor Russell has publicly addressed the dating rumors. Several news outlets have reached out to their representatives for an official statement, however, it seems like the both of them are keen on keeping their relationship and their personal life private.

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With Harry styles rumored to date virtually every woman who he is spotted with, this new speculation comes as no surprise. However, it seems like there something different about his budding relationship with Taylor as they have been spotted together not just once but twice.

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