17 Mar, 2023


Halle Berry's Surprise: The Rare pictures Of Nahla Revealed On Her 15th Birthday

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Berry's Social Media Celebration

Halle Berry is a happy mother. Her eldest-born, Nahla, turned 15 on Thursday, and Berry took to Instagram to celebrate.

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Berry wishes Her Daughter.

Berry captioned the photo, 'My daughter Nahla is the greatest gift the universe has given me,' and wished her a happy 15th birthday.

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First picture's Resemblance

Berry's first picture shows the mother-daughter pair holding hands, the next a photo of Nahla lying on a hammock, while the last one shows Nahla wearing a hat on a couch covering her face. I love you, sweet angel, Berry replied. 'She is the sun that never sets.'

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Son With Ex-Husband

Berry's ex-husband Olivier Martinez, a French actor, has a 9-year-old son, Maceo, with her ex-husband, Gabriel Aubry.

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Sarah About Berry's Motherhood

In January 2022, actress Sarah Jessica Parker talked about motherhood and its impact on her life.

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Berry About Her Kids

As Berry said, 'My kids have been my greatest teachers.' They are truth-tellers before the world silences them. I listen to them a lot and learn a lot from their perspective if we are present and listen to what they are saying.

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Explaining The Relationship

While discussing her relationship with Nahla, Berry also spoke about the experience of seeing the world seeing things as a young Black girl does.

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Talks with Her Daughter

Berry said she had known a person of color in a higher position since her mother was born when Obama was elected president. My daughter asks me, 'What do you mean?' We have always had Barack Obama.' I reply, 'No, you have always had Barack Obama.'

Media Credits: Daily Mail

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