09 Jan, 2023


Hailey Bieber Gets trolled by Charlie CXX for her Nepo Baby T-Shirt

By FactsWow Team

Nepo Baby

Hailey Bieber was spotted wearing the Nepo Baby T-shirt in a parking lot. Since then, she has been teased by the trollers.

Media Credits: Business Insider India


Hailey is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin and Justin Baldwin. She wore the t-shirt with no discourse, but it linked.

Media Credits: Glamour

Some love, some hate

Gwyneth Paltrow was out of those who loved the t-shirt. While the musician XCX Charlie has trolled Hailey by saying. She is attempting to be one.

Media Credits: 8 Days

Hilarious trolls

While a user trolled Charlie XCX, the user compared Hailey's t-shirt quote to Charlie's, which read One can't build the statues of critics.

Media Credits: POPSUGAR

The crash last March

Charlie XCX wore this t-shirt when her album dropped in March. So it's a baby tee war.

Media Credits: Glamour

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