03 Mar, 2023


Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez's Career Timeline

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Singer-related relationships

Justin Bieber introduced Hailey Baldwin Bieber to Selena Gomez in 2009, and both women engaged in long-term, complicated relationships with the singer over the years.

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Her support was regularly tweeted

A rumour of a romantic relationship between Gomez and Bieber first surfaced in December 2010. Shortly after that, Baldwin Bieber regularly tweeted her support for the couple.

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Attempts to shut down consistently

Gomez and Baldwin Bieber have consistently attempted to shut down speculation about the drama between the women since Baldwin Bieber and Bieber wed in 2018.

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Declaration did publicly

Baldwin Bieber and Gomez's relationship is 'all love,' she publicly declared during a Call Her Daddy interview in September 2022.

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For years, women have feuded

It's no secret that the women have been feuding for years, but they put these rumours to rest when they posed together for photos in October 2022.

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According to Vanity Fair's Oscar party

It was confirmed at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in February 2011 that Gomez and Bieber were dating after months of romantic speculation. 

Media Credits: Los Angeles Times

Bieber's public relations

In May, Gomez spoke to Seventeen about her public relationship with Bieber and why she decided to be open about their relationship.

Media Credits: Seventeen Magazine

Officialized their relationship

Baldwin Bieber tweeted her support for Gomez and Bieber shortly after they made their relationship official in May. 

Media Credits: Vogue

The relationship is discussed in tweets

There will be many more tweets regarding the relationship between Bieber and Gomez from Baldwin Bieber in the future.

Media Credits: ELLEgirl

Bieber and Gomez support

The two since-deleted tweets Baldwin Bieber sent in January and February 2012 showed her continued support for Gomez and Bieber.

Media Credits: E! Online

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