Grammy Winner Doja Cat Faces Backlash: 400K Instagram Fans Flee!

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Posted on: 07 Aug, 2023


The singer of ‘Kiss Me More’, Doja Cat, shockingly faced an extreme backlash after making a comment to her fans on Instagram and causing her loss of many followers. How it could be?

The Context of The Controversy

The controversy between Doja Cat and her fans started last month after some fans expressed concerns over her rumoured relationship with J. Cyrus. Several fans hated J. Cyrus because of his looks and sexual misconduct.

Doja Cat’s Inappropriate Comments

Response to her fans’s backlash, Doja Cat comment to her fans that she never will give a f**k about it and mention her fans with ‘miserable h**s’, called them ‘creepy’, and told them to ‘go get a job’.

Losing The Followers

Because her response to her fans on Instagram, it's led to a major social media backlash, she losing more than 400,000 fans on Instagram alone in recent weeks.

Followers Decline Effects

Recently, the controversial posts has 566,040 followers decline on Instagram. Doja Cat also expressed her anger on Twitter at her fans's pet name and made her lost over 373,000 followers at the day.

The Reason of Rude Comments

Reported by CMM, Doja Cat came out the derogatory remarks to fans were calling her by her given name. It makes her outrage and went to delete their social media accounts if they insist on continuing to use her birth name.

Possible Factors

Not only that, she allegedly blocked some of the people who had publicly accused J Cyrus, before noting in a pointed Instagram comment that she didn’t care what people thought of her personal life.

Fans Reactions

According to several screenshots circulating across social media, Doja replied that she did not through love her fans cause she did not even know they all. The fans respond that Doja Cat would be nothing without them.

Blocked Fans Accounts

To redeemed the dissatisfaction comments from her fans, Doja Cat chosed to deactivated several followers and took a swipe at fans with a pointed comment on Instagram. Surely it makes her fans outrage.

Media Views

Social media users called Doja Cat and her fans fight like cats and dogs and stated how disrespectful her response to her entire fan base lately. Hope Doja Cat can stops playing cat and mouse with her fans soon.

The Consequences

Those controversy are impacted to her relationship with the music industry. Reported by V Magazine, Doja Cat has had a tense relationship with the music industry because her statement that she tired of making music that is ‘palatable, marketable and sellable’

Impact From The Controversy

The controversy between Doja Cat and her fans could lead to changes in her social media strategy and public relations approach. This would be very difficult for her to keep brand image despite of her losing in many followers.

Must More Profesional

As a public figure who has a million of followers. Online interactions is very important to keep. To keep her career consistency in the music industry, Doja Cat must navigate fan interactions and handle criticism more effectively.

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