23 Mar, 2023


Gomez Reaches 400 Million Instagram Followers For The First Time

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400 Million Followers First Woman On Instagram

As of Friday, Selena Gomez was the first woman to have 400 million Instagram followers, just a few weeks after Kylie Jenner dethroned her on Instagram.

Media Credits: ELLE

More Instagram Followers

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, both soccer players, have more followers on Instagram than Gomez, who has 562 and 442 million followers, respectively.

Media Credits: POPSUGAR Australia

A Lot Of People Followed Gomez

Before Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner took the top spot, Gomez was the most followed woman in 2019.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Attempting To Protect Herself

She recently told Vanity Fair she has tried to protect herself against trolls and hurtful comments by using 'filters' and only using the TikTok app on her phone.

Media Credits: Go Fug Yourself

Gomez Explains People

Gomez explained that people could sometimes call him ugly or stupid, and she laughs it off. But other people get into it more deeply.

Media Credits: Elle

Social Media Was A Factor For This Actress

In an interview, the actress admitted that social media bombarded her with the information she didn't need.

Media Credits: Vogue Polska

Her Breakup Left Her Struggling

A breakup had left her in a difficult place, and she didn't want to hear any feedback about her or her relationship but her position versus her partner.

Media Credits: EL PAIS in English

Getting In Touch With Fans

The Internet has many wonderful things—connecting with fans, showing their excitement, and seeing their stories.

Media Credits: The Movie Database

There Will Be Comments Generated

However, that is usually filtered through. I created a system. It's all my assistant's job to post everything I do. My team will generate comments.

Media Credits: Seventeen Magazine

Pictures From Gomez's Carousel

Celebrating the milestone, Gomez posted a carousel of pictures to her Instagram account on Sunday morning. 

Media Credits: Wikipedia

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