17 Mar, 2023


Whoopi Goldberg Apologized For Using The Romani Slur During Her Daytime Talk Show

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Word Usage Criticism

A recent episode of The View has seen Whoopi Goldberg bring new criticism for using the word 'gypped,' considered a slur against Romani people.

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Speaking In The Following Way

According to reports, she said the following when speaking of Donald Trump's hush money payments to Stormy Daniels:

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Likewise, Goldberg Used It

Some people pointed out that Goldberg also used the term to denigrate Romani people in addition to meaning 'cheated or swindled.'.

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A Brief Apology Was Issued

Goldberg apologized shortly afterward, saying she should have considered the effect of using the word before using it on TV, even though she did not intend to offend Romanis.

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She Commented As A Result

As a result of her comments regarding the Holocaust during an appearance on her show last year, Goldberg also found herself in the middle of a controversy.

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Cheating Is Often Referred To

While 'gypped' is commonly used to describe cheating, it has a unique connotation based on its etymological meaning and is often considered derogatory slang for Romani people.

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Probably A Short Word

Merriam-Webster defines the term as 'cheating, defrauding or swindling.' However, the site notes that the word is probably short for gypsy.

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Contributed To The Creation

A gypsy may have contributed to the origin of the word 'swindle,' which confirms means 'to cheat, defraud, or swindle.'

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Often Used To Describe

A derogatory term commonly used to describe Romani people is 'gypped,' a term generally avoided when referring to people with Romani heritage.

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The Hosts Made An Apology

In a video shared recently by Whoopi Goldberg, the hosts apologized for referring to Romanis as 'gypped' on air.

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Sincere Apologies

She apologizes for not thinking deeply enough before using the term 'cheated or swindled' after clarifying that she meant 'cheated or swindled.'

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The Inhumanity Of Man

When Whoopi Goldberg said last year that the Holocaust was 'not about race' but about 'white supremacy' and man's inhumanity to man,' she was suspended from The View for two weeks.

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Recognized The Problem

In a subsequent interview, she acknowledged the issue but faced further criticism for allegedly 'doubling down.'

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Misunderstanding Of Interview

After apologizing for her inappropriate remarks about the genocide, the actress explained that her interview was misunderstood.

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