26 Jul, 2023


From Co-stars To Couple: Know The Relationship Outline Of Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox

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Fox and Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox began their cozy affair as coworkers, though it instantly became something bigger. See the full glance at factswow.com and raise awareness about these two lovable bonds.

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The Couple Met On 'Midnight' Set

Kelly (popular as Colson Baker) and Fox first met on 'Midnight' set on the Switchgrass in March 2022. At that time, Megan Fox tied the knot with Brian Austin Green. After two months, the co-stars were found together amid rumors of partition between Green and Fox.

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Fox and Kelly began Filming together

On May 2020, sources revealed that Kelly and Fox spent more time together because of their filming criteria and work schedules. The twosome began the relationship as friends, and their bond bloomed from there. Fox thought Kelly was a cool guy, and their affair turned romantic.

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Kelly and Fox released 'Officially Dating'

In June 2020, the couple announced their 'officially dating' when they sparked romance gossip a month before. Reach factwow.com and go through their full timeline. Kelly and Megan became more serious and enjoyed spending time together and building a strong relationship.

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Kelly as 'Twin Flame'

Megan Fox mentioned Kelly as 'Twin Flame' in one of her discussions that had been done with an astrologer, Susan Miller, on the show, 'Give them Lala…. With Randall'. It was a podcast that happened with Emmett and Lala Kent.

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Fox's Meaning for 'Twin Flame'

Fox said that rather than a soul mate, a twin flame is a thing where a soul has reached a high enough zone to be divided into two distinct bodies simultaneously. Hence, we are two halves in the same soul. And I can tell him straight away as I felt it precisely.

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Fox Made Kelly a 'Better' Person

Kelly has disclosed how Fox has compelled him to be a 'better' person. He thought that the universe caught me, wanting a change. It feels like we will not make this a reality but will make it ironic. Rather than falling, we need to go ahead and attain the greatest rise of our life.

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Fox impacted Kelly's Lives Positively

Kelly disclosed the truth about how Fox has impacted his life positively. He said that Love isn't being motivated. It is the opposite. Everything is separation, dehumanization, and isolation. He explained how Fox had helped him during drug addiction recovery.

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The Duos Partied At Dream Hotel

The Couple attended a party at Dream Hotel in Los Angeles with the album Tickets to My Downfall release. Explore the full timeline from factwow.com and appreciate the bond of being tied in a relationship for a long time.

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