Fresh Prince, Will Smith’s 10 Blockbusters

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Born on the 25th of September 1968, 54-year-old Will Smith is an actor, film producer, rapper, and Academy Award winner. He is one of the most profitable stars in Hollywood, as his films have earned millions of dollars. Will is also known as Fresh Prince.

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2019: Aladdin

In 2019, Will played the role of Genie in Aladdin. Genie fulfills all the wishes of Aladdin. This film of Will Smith earned 1.05 billion dollars and is known as one the highest-earning films of Will Smith of all time.

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1996: Independence Day

Independence Day was one of the blockbusters Will did. It is a story about how aliens tried to invade Earth before the 4th of July. It has so many lines of Smith that are worthy of quotations. The film earned around 817.4 million dollars and became one of the highest-grossing films.

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2016: Suicide Squad

Will Smith debuted in the DC universe when featured in suicide squad, along with Harley Quinn, Joker, and many more. The film earned a revenue of around 746 million dollars and was a great success.

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2012: men in black

After the great success of Men in Black, which was released in 1997. Men in black, other parts were made. Will played the role of an agent who comes back to assassinate his partner’s younger self. The film generated a revenue of 654 million dollars.

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2008: Hancock

Hancock was the fourth-highest profit-generating movie in 2008. In this movie, Will played the role of an alcoholic superhero who carelessly fights against crime. It was very unexpected to see this movie as a blockbuster as it was not inspired by some comic or book hero.

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2007: I am a legend

In this movie, Will can be seen as a biologist who is a survivor and is looking for other survivors with his dog. This movie earned a great profit of almost 585.4 million dollars and was included in the list of hits Will Smith has made.

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2020: Bad Boys for Life

This was the third part of the sequel to 'Bad Boys.' It was astonishing as the third part became a blockbuster and earned around 426.5 million dollars because it's a very rare case that a sequel surpasses the first movie.

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2005: Hitch

In this rom-com, Smith plays the role of a professional dating coach who helps people get a date with their crushes. This film earned a profit of 371.6 million dollars and made history as being the most-earned rom-com of that time.

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2004: Shark Tale

In this animated film, Will is the voice artist of the character, Oscar, who teams up with Shark. This animated film generated a revenue of 374.8 million dollars.

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2004: I, Robot

In this blockbuster, Will plays the role of a detective who tries to investigate the death of the Robotic founder. This futuristic film earned a gross profit of 353.1 million dollars.Will Smith has never disappointed his fans. He has always given bangers and had a successful career. He has earned loads of respect with loads of Awards.

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