23 Feb, 2023


Four Playable Characters in Dead Island 2

By FactsWow Team

Announcement of launch date!

Dead Island 2 has lifted the curtain to four of its six playable characters, as Deep Silver Dambuster Studios initiates the triple-A title for the launch happening on April 28. 

Media Credits: IGN India

The team  !

Let’s meet the exotic dancer Ryan, stuntman Jacob, Paralympian Amy, and retail assistant Dani.  They will likely be trying to survive in HELL-A, a nickname for Los Angeles, and collecting loot and gear to slay the infected. 

Media Credits: Dread XP

Meet Jacob 

A stuntman originally from London, but the ‘Antihero Rockstar’ was previously a successful stockbroker. To follow his dream of being a ‘Hollywood Stuntman’, he left everything behind. 

Media Credits: Dwad Island

Meet Ryan !

An exotic dancer from Fresno, Ryan has come in with a mission to save his little brother, who was stuck in his hometown. 

Media Credits: Bloody Disguisting

Meet Dani !

A regular at the mosh pits in County Cork, Dani is an Irishwoman and A rule breaker with an intense sense of humor and intrigued experience in the Zombie apocalypse. 

Media Credits: TrueAcheivements

Different roles !

All the characters have their own archetypal attributes, with a pretty cool design and a deep silver cosplay guide included for each character. 

Media Credits: VGFAQ

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