11 Jul, 2023


First sighting of Jamie Foxx since a mysterious hospitalization

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Fans detected the entertainer

When Jamie Foxx was seen on July 9 in Chicago, he appeared in great spirits. Fans spotted the actor while he was on a boat on the Chicago River and began filming.

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Appeared happy and healthy

Jamie waved back at the observers with joy. As he waved the peace sign, he was beaming with happiness and appeared healthy.

Media Credits: Ny Breaking

First appearance of Jamie

This was when Jamie was first found out in the open since he was hospitalized recently. Corinne Foxx, Jamie's daughter, confirmed on April 12 that he had been rushed to the hospital.

Media Credits: Yahoo News

Hospitalized with care

'We wanted to let you know that my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday,' Corinne told the audience. Fortunately, he is already on the road to recovery due to prompt action and excellent care.

Media Credits: Hollywood Life

Admission to Jamie

Although Corinne did not specify what caused Jamie to be admitted to the hospital, the prospects appeared to him in the following weeks.

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Prayer for Jamie

By the beginning of May, Jamie's longtime friends were still requesting prayers from fans. However, the Foxx family privately kept information about Jamie's condition and what happened to him.

Media Credits: Hollywood Life

The course has been done for recovery

The 55-year-old's whereabouts and the seriousness of the incident sparked rumors. He ended his quiet on May 3 to demonstrate he was making a course for recovery. 'Value all the adoration!' he composed. 'Feeling honored.'

Media Credits: Vulture

Jamie was admitted to the hospital

Midway through May, Corinne informed me that Jamie had been released from the hospital for several weeks. She said, 'My dad has been out of the clinical facility for quite a while, recovering.'

Media Credits: News18

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