18 Apr, 2023


First Photo Of Danny Masterson Since Sexual Assault Trial Begins

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Eight years on the show

On Monday, Danny Masterson, 47, who starred for over eight years on That '70s Show, was spotted leaving a Los Angeles courthouse.

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Retrial for sexual assault

While taking a lunch break with his legal team, the actor wore a black suit as he returned to the courthouse for the retrial of his sexual assault trial.

Media Credits: People

Accusations against him

According to the allegations against him, he is being charged with the same three rapes as the three alleged victims from the 2003 trials.

Media Credits: Vulture

Initially, allegations surfaced

According to a spokesperson of the LAPD, 'The Rape and Homicide Division is currently investigating allegations involving actor Danny Masterson,' the allegations first surfaced in March 2017.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Defended his innocence

In a 2020 statement, Danny's lawyer, Tom Mesereau, maintained his innocence in response to allegations made by three women during the early 2000s.

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As Danny continues to work

It is important to note that Danny has continued to be dismissed charges despite facing up to 45 years in state prison.

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Escape will not be permitted

In a statement released, two alleged victims expressed happiness that Danny Masterson would not be allowed to escape criminal accountability.

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Harassment and intimidation

Our commitment to testifying again about Mr. Masterson's depraved behavior continues despite years of intimidation and harassment.

Media Credits: Tv Fanatic

A final decision will be made

According to the same outlet, more than 200 prospective jurors are being interviewed for selection. Twelve jurors and eight alternates will ultimately be selected from these 200 candidates.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Evidence will be presented in a retrial

Danny's retrial witnesses will be called beginning April 24. Cohen confirmed Monday that the witness list for Danny's retrial remains the same from the last trial.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Memory experts talk about it

Some changes are expected in this trial, including 'new expert witnesses and corroborating witnesses,' along with more experts talking about memory and drug effects.

Media Credits: Tv Fanatic

Decision reached unanimously

Even though the jury could not reach a unanimous decision last fall, they leaned toward acquittal, voting 10-2, 8-4, and 7-5, respectively.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

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