Fans Outraged Over Recalling BTS For Jamboree K-pop Concert

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BTS Fans

BTS Fans are now disapproving of the politician in 'South Korean' for trying to remind BTS members who serve in the military to perform on 11th August at the K-pop Super Live Concert of the World Scout Jamboree.

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A conscription system

It is required that all able-bodies from 18 to 28 years old need to fulfill 18 to 21 months of military service in South Korea, as mentioned under the conscription system, to prevent aggression from the rival of North Korea.

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Special Exemptions

The law offers special exemptions to traditional and classical musicians, ballet, athletes, and dancers when they get top prizes in competitions to boost our national prestige. Please stay in the loop with Factswow.com, and follow us for more.

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K-pop Stars

K-pop entertainers and stars are not subject to these privileges. In 2022, the BTS label announced it to take a long break and give every member a chance to continue their solo careers and perform the necessary military service.

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BTS's J-Hope

This year in April, J-Hope of BTS entered into a boot camp for South Korean to begin 18-month necessary military service. A 30-year-old, Jin was the oldest person in BTS who performed before him. Jin became the first member of the band to arrive in the army force.

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Sung Il-jong

From the ruling People Power Party,' Sung Il-jong, on 9th August (Wednesday), demanded that the 'Ministry of National Defense' has to send the BTS members in the military for a concert at 'World Scour Jamboree.'

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What was World Scout Jamboree?

The 'World Scout Jamboree' was an 'event' that dented the national prestige because of poor management and lack of preparation. It was held at Saemangeum of 'North Jeolla province.'

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Restore Nation's Dignity

Sung expressed his plea to the 'Ministry of National Defense,' advocating for BRS members' military service via performances at the Jamboree K-pop concert on the 11th, aiming to uphold our nation's honor.

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World Scout Jamboree Korea Concert

It has been confirmed by the sources that the BTS members will not perform at the Korean concert of 'World Scout Jamboree.' Now, the BTS fans criticized the lawmakers for trying to pull BTS persons from the military force.

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BTS Members needed to prepare Well

After breaking the news about BTS not performing at the concert, one person said they did not sufficiently prepare for the Jamboree. The absurd authorities charged BTS to get rid of the mess.

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BTS isn't a Cultural Weapon

For God's sake, another individual wrote that BTS members are not a cultural weapon. They can deploy wherever South Korea requires it. Stay tuned with Factswow.com for more interesting tales.

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