Fans of Taylor Swift successfully bribed SoFi security to let them into the concert!

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Taylor Swift concert!

A seat for one of Taylor Swift's L.A. concerts costs thousands of dollars, but some fans get in for considerably less by buying their way in by paying the security personnel on duty.

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Set to perform the show!

On Wednesday night, Taylor will perform the sixth of her six gigs, a run of performances that had compared favorably to when Los Angeles hosted the Super Bowl.

Media Credits : The Irish Times

Seats are available!

Resale websites like StubHub demand at least $700 before fees, even for the least expensive seats.

Media Credits : Taylor Swift | EW.com

A handful of fans!

We have firsthand information about a few fans who entered without tickets; many of them paid cash bribes to security personnel.

Media Credits : ew.com

Security checkpoints!

The spectators pass through the security checks and arrive at the ticket seller. We know two fans paid only $60 each to enter the event on Monday night, while another paid $100 to enter a show last week.

Media Credits : Music Times

The final show of Taylor!

Following a string of performances that coincided with the Super Bowl, Taylor is scheduled to have her sixth and final performance in Los Angeles tonight.

Media Credits : Bustle

Finding open seats!

It's a frustrating procedure since, according to the fans, they had to continually move around to locate available seats or wait in aisles and open areas until they were forced to leave or the seat's original owners returned.

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