04 Aug, 2023


Fans get shocked! Kate Jackson from Charlie Angels was spotted after 14 years!

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Jaclyn Smith's son's wedding!

Jaclyn Smith, one of the stars of the venerable television program 'Charlie's Angels,' celebrated the nuptials of her son Gaston Richmond to Bonnie Lane.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Smith shared a video!

Smith uploaded a video from the stunning wedding in her garden in Beverly Hills. She was pleased to watch her family grow and was proud of her son.

Media Credits: Today Show

A Clip-on Instagram!

There is nothing like family, and ours increased this weekend, Jaclyn Smith said in the Instagram post accompanying the video. I want to wish my son Gaston and Bonnie a lifetime of happiness because I am incredibly proud of him.

Media Credits: Page Six

Outfit of Jaclyn!

The actress let her thick blonde hair fall freely while donning a stunning mint green feathery gown.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Jackson's Public appearance after a while!

One of Smith's co-stars – Kate Jackson, who hadn't been seen in public in a while, was noticed when the camera moved to show the many wedding attendees and decorations.

Media Credits: New York Post

Kate Jackson with the stunning outfit!

Kate Jackson, the actress of 'Charlie's Angels,' was present for Richmond's nuptials. The actress opted for a straightforward look, donning a beige jacket, a baby blue blouse, and flowing white slacks. She continued to wear her well-known bob hairdo.

Media Credits: Closer Weekly

Fans were shocked!

Jackson hadn't been spotted in public for fourteen years. She was last seen in a public setting at her 'Charlie's Angels' co-star Farrah Fawcett's funeral in Los Angeles 2009. Fans got shocked after seeing him in public.

Media Credits: People Magazine

Comments on Kate Jackson!

Fans noted Jackson's stunning appearance. One reviewer exclaimed, 'Kate Jackson has not aged!' People were thrilled that Smith and Jackson had remained friends after all these years, saying things like, 'I love seeing you and Kate together... You both look wonderful, said the other.

Media Credits: Amo Mama

Kate Jackson in Charlie’ Angels’!

Jackson played Sabrina Duncan on Charlie's Angels, which premiered in 1976 and continued until 1981; she left the show in 1979.

Media Credits: Bonanza

Jackson, quiet life!

Jackson relocated to a farm in Virginia and carried on with his quiet existence away from the spotlight. But fans were relieved to hear that the actress was doing fine after 14 years of not being seen.

Media Credits: Wonderwall.com

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