How A Fake Dacre Montgomery Catfished A Woman And Ruined Her Marriage

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Dacre Montgomery is an actor from the STRANGER THINGS and someone faked to be Dacre to scam a woman with name McKala who met him online and left her husband for him. She also gave him $10K but later she found out that he was not the real Dacre but he was someone who used his photos and name to trick her.

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The Fake Connection

McKala is a single mom who was married to a man with name Kevin for 12 years but they had a lot of problems. McKala followed the fake Dacre Montgomery official account on Instagram and liked his posts and was a big fan of him and wanted him to talk to her. One day fake Dacre really did and he sent her a message that he liked her profile and she did not believe that he was talking to Dacre. She answered him and they started chatting and they talked daily a lot and also sent each other photos and voice messages.

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The Real Problems

McKala was so happy that she forgot about her real problems and ignored her husband who did not know about her online affair. She ignored her friends who warned her about online scammers and also ignored some red flags that should have alerted her like Dacre Montgomery never video called her and never met her in person. He also asked her for money several times and promised to pay her back and she trusted him so she sent money but did not realize that he was lying to her.

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The Big Mistakes

McKala made some big mistakes when she left her husband and decided to divorce him who was shocked and tried to save their marriage but McKala did not want it anymore. She sent more money to the scammer and ignored the warning signs she received from other women who told her that person was a scammer who wanted money from them but McKala did not believe them.

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The Harsh Reality

The fake Dacre stopped answering her messages and blocked her on Instagram and deleted his profile. She realized that he catfished her to take her money and felt guilty that she was leaving her husband and losing her family for someone who did not exist.

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The Valuable Lessons

She learned to verify the identity of the person she was talking and sending him money and to value her real relationship because she had a good husband who loved her and cared for her. She decided to rebuild her life and apologized to her husband and asked him for another chance. She also shared her story on YouTube one series called CATFISHED where people tell their feelings of being scammed online.

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