Erin and Ben Napier 'Shoutout' Their Hacks for Traveling with Kids While on a Plane

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A famous TV couple from the HGTV show, Erin and Ben Napier, shared hacks on how to travel on an airplane with kids. They detailed the tricks of how they keep their daughters, Mae, 2 years old, and Helen, 5 years old, busy during flights.

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Smart Ideas

Ben posted their airplane trip pictures on Instagram, showing Erin and Mae sitting together. Another photo they shared of Helen wasn't very clear, and some pictures were showing a bag with stuffed animals toys, tape, and small things.

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Useful Things

Ben discusses the things that helped her during the flight in the message, giving a 'shoutout' to something they found helpful.

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Wesley the Neighbor:

They found a great friend in the plane named, Wesley, sitting in front of them.

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Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals have been really helpful for them when dealing with a tired 2-year-old Mae. These soft friends help comfort and entertain her, especially when she's tired after a trip.

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Sticky Tape

: Sticky tape was the secret tool, although it sounds strange. Erin explained they use tape-like stickers, make funny designs on arms, seats, and even pretend oceans on empty pages. This simple and flexible tape was a fun toy for their busy toddler, Mae.

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Osprey Group

Erin and Ben started a group called Osprey, to help families find other ways to use technology less for kids. They showed that this kind of approach is okay to connect kids to avoid social media.

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Gummy Lobsters

The candy lobsters are made of gummy material bought from @wilbursofmaine, were like a fun snack to keep the kids busy.

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Erin and Ben's Commitment to children's upbringing

An informal agreement between Erin and Ben keeps their daughters away from social media. Instead of electronic devices, they give their kids regular phones, so they can talk without using screens too much.

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How Erin and Ben Raise Kids

Erin and Ben talked about how they raised their kids. They didn’t let their kids use electronic stuff, believing in a 'low-tech' way of growing up, without using screens and gadgets.

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Why Erin Avoids Electronics

There was a story behind this mindset of Erin, someone once comment mean looking on her daughter on social media. This thing realized them to protect their kids from comments and comparisons.

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Final words

Erin and Ben Napier think more than just using screens for kids. They teach their daughters that life can be fun without using technology all the time. One should spend good time together, playing creatively, and making real connections instead of phones and social media. Many people like their way to find a balance between technology and natural experiences for children.

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