20 Mar, 2023


Embrace Your Body With These Inspiring Quotes From Melanie Lynskey

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Famous Star About Physical Appearance

The Candy star told the theSkimm in June 2022 that it has been a long journey. He fought for a very long time against the shape of his body. The difference between being a size ten and a size 0 is hard. I did not eat for long and was very concerned with my appearance.

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Sudden Weight Gain

According to Lynskey, who admitted worrying about eating disorders as a teenager, a miscarriage helped her gain a new appreciation for her body.

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A Twitter Statement

The Yellowjackets star tweeted in January 2022 that anyone with a negative opinion about anyone else's body can write it permanently on their foreheads and then dive directly into the sun. Ritter agreed with the Yellowjackets star.

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February 2023

Curry took to Twitter to post an image of Lynskey's InStyle shoot, saying she did not resemble the 'post-apocalyptic warlord' she portrays on The Last of Us. The Heavenly Creatures actress responded that coup plotting does not require being 'muscly.'

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August 2022

Even when it is positive, I get tired of hearing about my body some days, and I think most women feel the same way,' the actress told InStyle.

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June 2022

As for embracing her body despite its flaws, Lynskey told theSkimm, 'I think it's good for women to see different sizes and shapes.

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January 2022

Her Yellowjackets character should not have an attractive love interest, don't look up star clapped back in a Rolling Stone profile. Juliette Lewis wrote a heartfelt email to the show's producers defending Lynskey, who was also supported by Tawny Cypress, Christina Ricci, and Tawny Cypress.

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Confusion About The Body Shape

She described viewers being 'confused' by Lynskey's body type and that she is actively working to lose weight after Yellowjackets premiered. People who care about her health are most egregious,' she tweeted then. Skinny does not always mean healthy.'

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