Elon Musk Plans To Auction Twitter's Logo And Other Memorabilia

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Elon Musk

The Multi-billionaire, Elon Musk, sets the building signs of Twitter and other necessary items from the company to auction in weeks when the firm rebrands with the new symbol as 'X.'

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584 Lots on Auction Offer.

From the 584 Lots on the 'Auction' offer, some are outsized bird cages, coffee tables, and oil painting images that went popular online. There are also ten chairs and desks, a musical instrument, and a DJ to equip a band.

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Musk cut down several jobs

By buying the social media platform the last year, Elon Musk has trimmed down thousands of job offers to reduce costs. Want to know more? Stay on top of things with Factswow.com and keep updated.

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The auction has been labeled

The Musk's auction has been labeled 'Twitter Rebranding, Online Auction with Featuring Art, Office, Memorabilia Assets & More.' Twitter's office is still in the same place as it was headquartered in San Francisco on 10th Street.

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Twitter's 'Bird' Sign

The listing reads that the 'Bird' logo will mount on one of the sides of the building. The purchaser is responsible for hiring an 'SF licensed firm' with suitable Permits. Catch the latest stories from Factswow.com and learn more.

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Authorities of 'San Francisco'

Just a month prior, there was an effort to eliminate an alternate Twitter logo, which San Francisco authorities had temporarily suspended. The photographs of 'two oil paintings' went viral on the social media platform Twitter that will also be auctioned.

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What are those two paintings?

The first was the 'Ellen Degeneres selfie that was taken at the 2014s Academy Awards Ceremony. While the other was a photograph of US President Barack Obama when he was re-elected on November 2012. That time, it was the most-liked tweet by the audience.

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The auction includes Musical Instruments

The Musk's auction includes musical instruments varying from amplifiers to guitars to kits and drums. It comprises a DJ booth with mixers, speakers, and a controller. As per the auction house of Heritage Global Partners, it has been revealed that the minimum offer to buy each lot is $25.

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The Bidding Starts on 12th September

Musk's Bidding will begin on 12th September and is planned to finish two days later. It happened as Mr. Musk cut the cost of Twitter following the $44 billion buying of the firm.

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Musk had major cuts in Jobs

By buying Twitter's social media platform, Musk has made major job cuts. It includes shedding workers who trailed abuse on the same platform. The firm has changed the way it verifies the accounts.

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Twitter auctioned a hundred Items

Before this year, Twitter has auctioned hundreds of items from the branch of San Francisco HQ. A Logo of a popular bird enticed the greatest bid that sold around $100,000. Last month, the company dropped the 'blue bird' sign by replacing it with a black & white 'X.'

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