Ed Sheeran’s Autumn Variations: Everything You Need to Know About His Surprise Album

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What is Autumn Variations and what inspired Ed Sheeran to make it?

Autumn Variations is the seventh studio album by Ed Sheeran. The album is a collection of 14 songs. Sheeran said he was motivated to create the album after enduring a difficult time last year and learning about his friends' various circumstances. He wrote songs from their perspectives and his own to capture how they viewed life then.

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When and how will Autumn Variations be released?

Autumn Variations will be released on 29 Sep 2023. The album will be available on streaming platforms, digital download, CD and vinyl. It will be the first to premiere on Sheeran's own record label, Gingerbread Man Records. Sheeran announced the album on 24 Aug 2023 with a video explaining the concept and inspiration. He also revealed the tracklist and cover art featuring a David Hockney painting of autumn leaves.

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What are the songs and themes of Autumn Variations?

The songs of Autumn Variations are named after one-word concepts and places related to Sheeran and his friends' experiences including Magical, England, Amazing and more. The themes are varied and complex reflecting the emotions and situations Sheeran and friends faced in autumn last year. Sheeran wanted an honest, personal and relatable album that would comfort and connect with listeners.

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How did Ed Sheeran collaborate with Aaron Dessner of The National for Autumn Variations?

Ed Sheeran collaborated with Aaron Dessner of The National as main producer and co-writer for Autumn Variations. Dessner is an American musician, songwriter and producer best known as a founding member of indie rock band The National. Sheeran said he met Dessner while working on Subtract and they immediately clicked. They wrote and recorded nonstop at Dessner's New York studio.

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How does Autumn Variations relate to Ed Sheeran’s previous albums and his Mathematics Tour?

Autumn Variations is the second in Sheeran planned quadrilogy of albums named after mathematical symbols following Subtract and preceding Divide and Multiply. Sheeran said each represents a different phase of his life and career connected by storytelling and emotion. It is also the second album he is promoting on his Mathematics Tour which started in 2022 and ends in 2023.

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What are the fans’ expectations and reactions to Autumn Variations?

Fans' expectations and reactions were mostly positive and excited. Many have praised his creativity, productivity and generosity for releasing two albums in one year. Some reactions were mixed and negative with disappointment or confusion about the title, release date, tracklist and cover art. Critics have compared it unfavorably to previous albums. But Autumn Variations is an honest and relatable album showcasing Sheeran's songwriting and artistry.

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The Final Verdict

Autumn Variations is a surprising album exploring Sheeran's experiences last autumn. It has garnered mixed reactions from fans. But it remains a personal album highlighting Sheeran versatility.

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