07 Jan, 2023


Dwayne Johnson Finally Speaks On The Massive Fail Of Black Adams At The Box Office

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Embracing failure

The wrestler, now actor, on his Instagram post, shared a message. He spoke about embracing failure. It was an empowering message.

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Dwayne's take

He tapped on a quick thought that anchored his success. It has helped, and Johnson told his followers it could also help his fans. He said failing requires more guts than the ambition to succeed in everything. Being successful is a nice and attractive thought.

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Uncomfortable Failure

Dwayne wrote Failure nobody wants. It is an uncomfortable and scary situation. He said guts over desires had helped him in his career and life.

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Powerful position

Johnson said that when one puts themselves in an uncomfortable situation. One should carry the guts to fail. A person is in a very powerful spot to WIN. He wished this was a 2023 message.

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Keeping it real

In the video, Johnson spoke about good advice. He received it from his close companion Inky Johnson. Johnson said his friend keeps it real and grounded. He thinks it is one's guts when it comes to failure. He placed the desire to fail above being famous alone.

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Vague about failure

Johnson was being very vague about the failure he embraced in 2022. But he has pissed fans and people at Warner Bros with his demands.

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Cavill Cameo

The Warner Bros co-heads Micheal and Pam approved Henry Cavill's cameo in Black Adams. But Dwayne's interaction with the studio discarded that. It didn't go well with many people at WB.

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Johnson and WB's relationship

Ten relationships between the two that were already thinning. Johnson pushed to produce a credit on the animated version of DC super pets. It opened in July but had yet to have a promotion. He also insisted on promoting the movie at a Tequila Bar at NY Premier for Black Adams. It should feature his Teremana brand while the movie is a PG-13Rated.

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Massive Fail

Black Adam failed at the Box Office with $391M globally. At the same time, they invested $195 budget-wise and $40 M in reshooting. Later, James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the DC studios.

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Black Adams over any movie

2022 held uncertainty of the DC universe. Johnson told his fans that DC and Seven Bucks would explore the many underlying facets of Black Adam. He said he had known James for many years. The team made sure to succeed, but they failed.

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