Due To A Dangerous Ailment, Madonna Plans To Delay Her Tour!

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Madonna is delaying her tour!

As a result of a bacterial illness, Madonna had to delay her tour. Although she has since been discharged from the hospital, no more tour dates have been made public.

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Madonna was found unresponsive!

She was found unresponsive, necessitating at least one night of intubation. Before being admitted to the hospital, she exhibited symptoms, including vomiting and a low-grade fever, for a month.

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Admitted to the hospital!

Madonna experienced a major bacterial illness on Saturday, June 24, requiring a lengthy stay in the intensive care unit (ICU).

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Celebration on hold!

Guy Oseary, Madonna's manager, said on Instagram on June 28 that she had to postpone her Celebration tour due to her hospitalization.

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Hospitalized for over a month!

Madonna's forthcoming global tour was delayed for over a month while she remained in the hospital. Despite her release, the artist has not announced any details regarding fresh tour dates. She is struggling to get better.

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Update to fans!

Within a week of being admitted, Madonna was released from the hospital, and two weeks after her original hospitalization, she provided her followers with an honest report on her health. She said last month, 'I'm on the path to recovery and very grateful for all the gifts in my life.

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Concert dates have been rescheduled!

Madonna said on Instagram that her performance dates will be postponed shortly. She has yet to provide any formal dates, though.

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Don’t get disappointed!

‘I did not want to let anyone down who had purchased tickets for my tour.''I also didn't want to disappoint the individuals who collaborated with me relentlessly over the past few months to produce my presentation. I hate to let somebody down,' Madonna added.

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See you soon!

The rerouted tour schedule will be available in the upcoming days, and I'm delighted to say! A well-deserved celebration will be in our sights soon. She composed.

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