06 Jul, 2023


Disney star Coco Lee, the voice actress of Mulan, commits suicide

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Great loss

Coco Lee, a voice actress for Mulan, passed away on July 5 at the age of 48, her sisters reported on Instagram that day.

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The news is very damaging

To everyone who adores CoCo, friends, and fans: We are sorry to inform you of the most devastating news: The statement began that CoCo had suffered from depression for a few years. However, her condition has significantly deteriorated over the past few months.

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Efforts of the team

She took her own life at home on July 2 and was hospitalized. She died on July 5, 2023, despite the hospital team's best efforts to free her from her coma and treat her.

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Looking for the assistance

In the explanation, her sisters, Song and Nancy Lee made sense that Coco looked for 'proficient assistance' for her emotional well-being battles. '

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Fight with the depression

'Sadly, that demon within her took the better of her, even though CoCo sought professional help and did her best to fight depression,' they wrote in the caption of the photo montage of their deceased sister.

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Proud moment of sisters

Her two sisters said they were very 'proud' of Coco after they listed everything she had accomplished.

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Grateful to be sisters

Carol and Nancy also said they were 'grateful' to have Coco in their lives in the caption. We are extremely grateful and honored to have such an outstanding sister as a CoCo family.

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Appreciation for the medical team

Finally, the siblings appreciated the medical team's efforts to assist Coco. Last, we would like to thank the medical staff for their continued dedication to patient care throughout the process.

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The proud stepmother

According to reports, Coco tried IVF in 2018 to have two children but was unsuccessful. Additionally, she proudly served as Bruce's stepmother to his two adult children from a previous marriage.

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