02 Mar, 2023


Director James Wan: A glance at best films on his birthday

By FactsWow Team

'Aquaman' (2018)

Making a comic book movie as beautiful as this is Wan's way of making the most sublime comic book movie ever made.

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'Insidious' (2010)

There's something so astounding about Wan/Whannell's collaboration that it still feels like a revelation. It must be brought up that 'Insidious' features one of the greatest jump scares in history.

Media Credits: Fanart.tv

'Malignant' (2021)

Even though you guessed the twist early, you were obviously surprised by the reveal that shows Wan's rawness.

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'Insidious Chapter 2' (2013)

The sequel doesn't follow any preconceived patterns, either in plot or vibe, and that's why people loved it so much.

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'The Conjuring' (2013)

It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks about James Wan's movies; they're all great from a technical perspective and stunning to watch.

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'Death Sentence' (2007)

In this rowdy revenge thriller starring Kevin Bacon, Wan showed off his action chops before 'Furious 7' and 'Aquaman.'

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'Dead Silence' (2007)

Between 'Saw' and his real breakthrough with 'Insidious,' Wan is known for a couple of forgotten gems, including this other murder puppet masterpiece.

Media Credits: MoviePosters2.com

'Saw' (2004)

Featuring overly aggressive music, strange edits, and a plot folded back on itself at the end, James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell produced this noir horror thriller that has spawned one of the most unique and weird film franchises of all time.

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'The Conjuring 2' (2016)

Though this is a fantastic film in terms of technical quality, the Christian superhero thing gets out of hand.

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'Furious 7' (2015)

Although it's not clear how much Wan was able to salvage this movie after Walker passed away during production, the action is spectacular. It's difficult to imagine how Wan could salvage it when one of your co-lead actors is a played by a double for half of the film.

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