Despite Viral Death Claims, Did Celine Dion Pass Away?

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Confusion with the news

A virtual entertainment post guaranteeing that vocalist Celine Dion has died is getting out and about via online entertainment.

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Loss of the singer

The inscription of the video allegedly said that Dion was 'genuinely wiped out' and biting the dust.

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Sensation in the social media

As the post became a web sensation, AFP Truth Check reached the TikTok client whose name appeared on the video.

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Donating the organs

The client said the video was made for her withering cousin, who had decided to give her organs upon her passing. This was an extra affirmation that the individual in the video wasn't Dion.

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Post went viral

The viral post about Celine Dion's passing started making adjustments only months after the artist reported that she was determined to have Firm Individual Disorder.

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Disease managed by the artist

This can cause muscle fits, as per the Public Organization of Neurological Problems and Stroke. Celine's sister Claudette reported on how the artist was managing her disease.

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Gift for the fans

While the vocalist is experiencing a medical issue, she gave her fans one gift as she declared her most recent single, Love Once More.

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Problem with the health

She made that declaration in February 2023, two months after uncovering her determination of an uncommon neurological problem.

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