03 Mar, 2023


Death Photos Of Aaron Carter: His Mom Leaks For A Strong Reason

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Death pictures of Carter

According to his mother, Aaron Carter's death scene was captured in 'awful photos' taken at his Lancaster, Pennsylvania, home.

Media Credits: The US Sun

Carter's social media post

As part of her campaign to have the 'I Want Candy' singer's death investigated as a possible homicide, Jane Carter posted the images to her Facebook page on Wednesday.

Media Credits: OK! Magazine

Reason for the death

It was written off as a drug overdose by the coroner, but she wanted to share these photos with you all to demonstrate how serious the death of her son Aaron Carter was.

Media Credits: South China Morning Post

The confusion behind the death

According to online records, it is still unclear what caused the musician's death. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner has deferred it pending further investigation. According to the Times, the agency performed an autopsy but delayed declaring a cause of death until chemical tests were completed.

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Investigation process

According to a statement released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on Thursday, homicide detectives continue investigating Aaron Carter's death. During the investigation, no evidence of foul play was discovered. Mr. Carter's autopsy remains pending. The investigation continues.

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Confirmation of suicide

In November, two law enforcement sources confirmed that the 34-year-old former child star had committed suicide in his bathtub.

Media Credits: New York Post

Delayed response

Responses to comment requests were not immediately available from the L.A. County Coroner's Office and the L.A. County Sheriff's Department on Thursday. Due to his addiction history, they didn't investigate Carter's post as a potential crime scene.

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Clarifications in the photo

She posted photos of what looked like Carter's bathroom, which she claimed were not taken by police. In one photo, there was a bathtub filled with greenish water. There were also stained tiles on the floor and soiled rags, towels, and garments. Another photo showed a toilet and clothes scattered on the floor.

Media Credits: Wonderwall.com

Carter's mom's explanation

Although there was a lot of potential homicide information for years, Aaron had numerous death threats and many people who were making his life miserable. 'Look at the photos. They were not taken by the police but they allowed people in and out,' she claimed.

Media Credits: ABC News

Seeking a support

She requested legal commentator and T.V. journalist Nancy Grace to assist with her investigation in a separate post, saying the investigation was improperly conducted. In addition, she cast doubt on the housekeeper who allegedly found Carter's body and said family friends were 'totally supportive' of her posting the photos.

Media Credits: Eonline.com

Her complaint against an investigation

Because Law Enforcement does not take us seriously, especially in Lancaster, Ca, since my son is mentally ill and has prescription drug problems, they just wanted something easy that, as a result, they were unable to deal with the matter, she said.

Media Credits: The Irish Sun

Heart-breaking statement

They let everyone tromp through what should have been at least an investigation. It won't work for me, Melanie, or anyone who loves my son, carter's mom stated. According to her, people must be held accountable for their actions. 'We are seeking answers, and we are seeking justice,' she wrote.

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