New Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Daniel Radcliffe on Set Has Fans in Stitches

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Behind the scenes video

Famous Actor Daniel Radcliffe left his fans both confused and amused in his behind the scenes video clip from his ongoing project. Stef Nico who is the crew member posted a video on TikTok in which Radcliffe is seen filming his show Miracle Workers: End Times. Stef also added some jazzy beats in the hilarious video clip but fans had their attention to how he is seen driving in the video.

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Video Details

In the video Radcliffe is appeared to be carried on somebody’s shoulder who is dressed up as wearing a helmet along with a steering wheel. They moved together in forward direction then they halted at a point. Radcliffe then tapped the man who was carrying him. The video was also captioned saying that Daniel Radcliffe on his Bifi with an emoji of smiling face wearing sunglasses Miracle Workers End Times.

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About the show

The show named Miracle Workers: End Times is season four of TBS anthology comedy Miracle Workers. The season one began with the story of an office regarding angels praying and so much more. Steve Buscemi is playing the character of God. In season four Radcliffe is playing the character of road warrior who goes by Sid and he is married to Warlord Freya (Geraldine Viswanathan) and they were trying to settle in city center of ominous times.

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In the clip Radcliffe is riding a vehicle which is named BiFi in the show. This vehicle is bought by Sid so he can boast to everyone in town. The fans were commenting below the video saying that new Harry Potter looks great , another comment said Daniel Radcliffe and I have the same taste in life choices and I’m loving it. The third comment said he’s having the time of his life up there…. Me next! Laughing out loud.

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There was another comment saying how does one apply for that specific job asking for a friend obviously. Some fans in the comment section were confused about the show while there were other people commenting that if you haven’t watched Miracle Workers please do it!!! It’s so funny.

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The comedy season was premiered in year 2019 and the season two called Dark Ages, was dropped a year later. The third season named Oregon Trail was aired in summer of 2021. The season four and the latest season started airing on TBS this July, however the new episodes are yet to be released till August 28. People can watch old episodes on Max or catch up the latest episode every Monday on TBS.

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Daniel Radcliffe is the famous Harry Potter star who is nowadays shooting his new show called Miracle Workers. There is a video clip of him being on the set of his new show makes fans excited. He has been a part of famous movie series like Harry Potter and he has worked in various Films like Now You See Me, Jungle, and more.

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