Cole Hauser Family Update: Yellowstone' Fans Are Still Support Him

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Made A New Show

Yellowstone was not updated for a long time ago. It was a bleak time for Yellowstone's fans. The fans expressed that it felt like they ate steak for dinner every single night, but now, it felt like they have horse hay and bunkhouse gruel to eat until the series returns from an undecided rest.

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However, Yellowstone's fans are strong. Not too long ago from that, they had made it by themself. When they did not Season Five and 1923 at the same time, and there were no new spinoffs, they created their own content from real life. Their latest choice is focused to Cole Hauser.

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Coffee Company Update

Previously, the Rip Wheeler actor was looking to get his own series down by the 6666 Ranch before everything went chaotic. But still, Cole Hauser's fans have not left him. For the update, Cole Hauser is not only starting his own coffee company, Free Rein Coffee, but he is also celebrating an adorable life milestone that his son, Ryland, is heading off to college.

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Ryland Views

Recently, Cole Hauser’s son, Ryland, graduated from high school in May 2023 and received a football scholarship to play in college. Actually, this milestone is the excitement for Cole Hauser and his family. For that moment Cole Hauser sets up Ryland's dorm room, while Cynthia Daniel gets sentimental about the new phase occurring for their family.

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Celebrating His Son Milestone

Cole Hauser’s wife, Cynthia Daniel, documented the moment of their son, Ryland, moving into college, in a series of photos uploaded on her Instagram in August, 17. The post shows the selfie moments when Cole Hauser and Cynthia Daniel lead up to Ryland starting his freshman year at college.

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Beside Cole Hauser’s new chapter for starting his own coffee company, he was also very happy watching his son, Ryland, head off to college. He and his wife, Chynthia Daniel, also expressed their feelings that they were so proud of his son, Ryland, and wrote on Instagram that they know Ryland will touch so many lives and thank him for being open to learning from them. Cole Hauser also added for Ryland to have the time of his life and he deserves it.

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Support From Fans

Yellowstone’s fans showed their support and brought Cole Hauser's wife's post to over 40,000 likes. They also can not keep it together after Cole Hauser’s wife, Chyntia Daniel, shares an emotional family update. Some fans commented that they very love how Cole Hauser does normal things with his family and makes him an even bigger star in their eyes. Truly, these are the kinds of fans you want.

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Not only that, Yellowstone’s fans also expressed their support for Cole Hauser’s son, Ryland, that the world is in the palm of his hand and hope he have a wonderful year. This year going to be a great year for Ryland.

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