03 Mar, 2023


Club Brawl Damages $12k After Travis Scott Punches Sound Engineer

By FactsWow Team

Medical attention wasn't needed

During a performance with Don Toliver, who plays weekly at Club Nebula, the 'Sicko Mode' rapper is believed to go 'postal' and landed the blow after apparently getting into a row with the 52-year-old engineer who didn't need medical attention.

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Injuries were not visible to the victim

At the time of the report, the victim had no visible injuries or complaints of pain. There was an assault reported at a nightclub, and police responded.

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An audio speaker was damaged

Likewise, Travis is alleged to have damaged a speaker and a video screen before leaving the club, according to reports. Travis has not committed the alleged offence.

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An alleged quality issues

Within ten minutes of Travis's arrival, an insider said, the alleged 'fast and furious' incident began. Travis was allegedly upset over the quality of the sound in the club.

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It is alleged that Travis walked

Travis allegedly walked over to the soundman, screamed aggressively at him for lowering the volume, and smacked him across the face, according to a third source.

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A dispute over the incident arose

Travis' security and club security got into an argument over the incident, and Travis threw a phone at a fan who was recording Toliver's performance.

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Equipment was damaged as a result

NYPD officers who arrived at the scene at 3.25 a.m. reported a verbal dispute that resulted in $12,000 in equipment damage.

Media Credits: Herald Community Newspapers

The alleged victim claims Travis punched her

Travis punched the alleged victim with a closed fist on the left side of the face. A warrant hasn't been issued, and the suspect isn't being sought. However, this could change.

Media Credits: Vulture

An incident that occurred

As a result of an incident at an Arkansas concert the year before, Travis pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in February 2018. Travis has two kids with Kylie Jenner, 25, including five-year-old Stormi and 12-month-old Aire.

Media Credits: HarpersBazaar

The rapper is facing charges.

His gig at the Astroworld Festival in Houston in 2021 caused a stampede that killed ten people. The rapper has been charged with inciting a riot, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

Media Credits: Wikipedia

Affected by the event

Four hundred lawsuits have been filed against Travis, Live Nation and others connected with the event. Nearly 2,800 victims were represented in one civil suit. 

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No wrongdoing was committed

A coroner confirmed that all victims were killed by compression asphyxia, despite Travis and Live Nation denying wrongdoing.

Media Credits: BuzzFeed News

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