25 Feb, 2023


Celebs Flaunting Their New Bodies With a Shocking Weight-Loss Transformation

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Janet Jackson

Known to be a girl-next-door celebrity, Janet has exquisite features that make her unique. Her 2004 Super Bowl performance made many heads turn. Being in the limelight for a longer period. She has been in the limelight for a longer time, and probably that is why people found it astounding when she could find time in her busy schedule and reduce over 60 pounds.

Media Credits: bio.Biography.com

Christian Bale 

Christian Bale is a versatile actor known to perform many versatile roles in his career. His role in The Dark Knight is worth mentioning. The actor was never on the leaner side; he was around 120 pounds and was struggling with mental issues. But when it comes to profession, actors always find time to completely reduce their weight for the role. Our Bale reduced almost 100 pounds of muscle and made himself thinner for his role in The Machinist. 

Media Credits: Los Angeles Times

Chris Patt

We had all known Patt when he was bulky and performed in the TV show Parks and Recreation. But people did not expect him to move to the handsome side sooner. When he first started in The Guardians of the Galaxy, he lost about 60 pounds. We never expected to see such a handsome man behind all those excess fat. Chris took to Instagram to update his daily workout routine, which is 3 to 4 hours of daily exercise and no alcohol for six continuous months. 

Media Credits: Britannica

Christin Aguilera

The talented pop star's voice can capture many people’s attention. But she, too, had trouble with her weight and was trying to find time to reduce herself. In 2012, she was body shamed by the media and told she was gradually marching toward the heavier side. This hit her hard, and she reduced her by over 50 pounds of her weight. Her now glamorous figure is appreciated by many. 

Media Credits: E! Online

Mariah Carey 

Mariah Carey, a talented actress with a vocal note and a larger fan base in the 90s, had some of the best-selling songs in the 1990s. But with fame, she had to travel a lot for her music to be released, leading to her becoming overweight as time flew. After all the media attention towards her weight, she reduced it by about 70 pounds of her weight. Turned Slimmer and Sexier. 

Media Credits: Allure

Al Rocker 

Being a TV host, journalist, and Author, Al Rocker had multiple hats to put on and various roles to play in his career, which led to him munching on available foods, and he gained weight eventually. He has reportedly lost 150 pounds and moved on to the healthier side. But it is said to be because of gastric bypass in  2002. In 2020, Al went down with prostate cancer and is recovering from it now.

Media Credits: www.self.com

Alec Baldwin

One man whose face you can find in almost all the movies, starting from featuring as Trump on SNL to The Hunt for Red October, phew! That dude is everywhere, man! With his career at its peak, Alec thought to put a bit of attention on himself, reduce his weight, change his lifestyle, and look healthier now. 

Media Credits: Thomas the Tank Engine Wiki - Fandom

Queen Latifah 

Girl! I was not ready for this one. From Single Ladies to the Ice age to the recent Tv series The Equalizer, the star has a sense of humour and body language that many love. We know her on the heavier, and when she first appeared after weight in 2013, people were blown away. Many appreciated how the star could find time in her busy schedule to take time for herself. 

Media Credits: Insider

Randy Jackson 

Randy though overweight, thought everything was normal until he was diagnosed to type 2 diabetes and had to lose weight to get his health back on track. The star lost over 100 pounds and made a massive lifestyle change to look how he is now. 

Media Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

Graham Elliot 

Masterchef Australia and Masterchef Junior fame Chef Graham Elliot were initially overweight and heavier. Now he has lost weight from 400 to 250  pounds. In the 2013 Masterchef episode aired, people noticed that Graham had lost weight. 

Media Credits: Colorado Public Radio

Raven Symone

The Disney actress was also on the heavier side; her weight was fluctuating continuously, and she had trouble keeping it under control. In 2017, Raven, on a red carpet, flaunted her body and stated that she has lost over 70 pounds with religious dieting and exercise.  

Media Credits: CNN

Rebel Wilson 

We did not expect this. Rebel was known for the character “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect. Now that Rebel has lost around 60 pounds, she looks more dazzling, But she states that she has lost weight but has found a new me in her life. 

Media Credits: Vanity Fair

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