10 Mar, 2023


Celebrities Engagement 2023! Get A Sneak Peek Into Your Favourite Star's Wedding

By FactsWow Team

Jon Hamm & Anna Osceola

The couple is engaged after two years of dating, according to a report on Feb 27. In 2020, the couple was spotted together several times and romantically linked after meeting on the set of Mad Men in 2015.

Media Credits: People.com

Eva Amurri & Ian Hock

On Feb 20, Eva Amurri shared a picture with her now-fiance, Ian Hock, on Instagram, announcing her engagement. During the snap, Amurri shows off her ring, which her chef fiancé designed himself, and is Susan Sarandon's and Franco Amurri's daughter.

Media Credits: People.com

Rebel Wilson & Ramona Agruma

It's official! Rebel Wilson asked her girlfriend Ramona Agruma to marry her at Disneyland on Feb 19. In one shot, Agruma holds out her arm to show off the Tiffany & Co diamond ring, in which Agruma wears a matching pink and white striped sweater with a black heart drawn in the centre.

Media Credits: Harper's Bazaar

Daria Berenato & Toni Cassano

Upon proposing to girlfriend Toni Cassano, WWE star Daria Berenato received a surprise on Feb 15. Then Toni says, Grab my purse! For four months now, Berenato has carried this around in her purse. So, whenever you proposed, I could immediately return the ring to you.

Media Credits: Twitter

Paige Mobley & Kaleb Tarczewski

A couple who met on Netflix's Instant Dream Home in 2021 is now engaged! Paige Mobley and Kaleb Tarczewski are ecstatic about their future. 'It has been magical from the beginning,' she says of her now-fiance.

Media Credits: People.com

Ty Herndon & Alex

It was revealed a few days before Valentine's Day that Ty Herndon and his boyfriend of six months, Alex, are planning to get married! As part of a sweet caption that shared a glimpse of their love story, the 60-year-old country singer-songwriter announced the couple's engagement on Instagram.

Media Credits: People.com

Hailie Jade & Evan McClintock

She is getting married to Evan McClintock, her long-term boyfriend. Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade announced that she is getting married to Evan McClintock.

Media Credits: Yahoo

Merrin Dungey & Kevin Ryder

The Alias actress shared a photo of her pink stone engagement ring on Instagram in February, announcing her engagement to Los Angeles radio host Kevin Ryder.

Media Credits: The News Pocket

Garrett Nichols & Taylor Garber

On Jan 31 at Stortorget, Stockholm's oldest public square, Garret Nichols proposed to his girlfriend, Taylor Garber, after four years of dating.

Media Credits: Yahoo Life UK

Hannah Ann Sluss & Jake Funk

Hannah Ann Sluss accepted Jake Funk's proposal on Jan 25. The Bachelor alumni announced the news on Facebook.

Media Credits: Bustle

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