Cedella recalling Bob Marley & Sinéad O'Connor as ‘made for each other’

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Sinéad O'Connor an Irish musician passed away in July at the age of 56, leaving her fans in grief. Her music and politicking had touched a lot of people in Ireland.

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Musician was laid to rest in her hometown in Ireland as her fans mourned her demise while singing Bob Marley’s track ‘Natural Mystic’ and paying tribute to the Irish singer.

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Cause of death still unknown

The singer’s death is unknown as she was found dead in her apartment in London whereas her family has asked the fans to gather at Bray seafront to bid her farewell.

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Her fans have remembered her kindness and empathy while paying tribute after her passing away. They have recalled her as a ferocious lady who stood by her words always.

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A ‘seed’ that never dies

Sinéad O'Connor always wanted people to remember her as a ‘seed’ who would never die. She was battling with mental health issues and her abusive relationship with her mother, shared in her documentary ‘nothing compares’.

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She was not happy with her critics saying they wanted to break her, kill her and bury her but her strength is what kept her alive as she thought of herself as a ‘seed’ who always grows but never dies.

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Cedella reminiscing her father & Irsih singer

Cedella daughter of Bob Marley has also shared her views about the Irish singer by saying that she and her father resembled a lot in many ways specially their strength and dedication.

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Famous author and musician Cedella told a news reporter that if both were alive today, they would have made an amazing duo.Cedella referred to both her father and Sinead as someone whose spirits were also similar in many ways. She wished the singer peace after her death.

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Sinéad O'Connor’s memorable performance

Sinéad O'Connor adored Bob Marley as a singer who passed away in 1981. She had also performed on Bob’s song ‘War’ with Pope John Paul II on ‘Saturday night Live’ in 1992.

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Cedella’s difficult childhood

Cedella had difficulties growing up in Jamaica as a daughter of Bob Marley who was not liked by many in that area. Everyone used to call them dirty Rastas.Cedella also shared how terrible her childhood was as her friends were not allowed to visit her place even though her house had more facilities than theirs.

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She remembers her father as a good and caring person and not someone who always used to do drugs and played his guitar. Her mother was also a remarkable mother, but still, it did not do any good to her. Although she is thankful for that too because it gave her the opportunity to work harder to achieve her dreams.

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