21 Mar, 2023


Bruce Willis' Birthday Celebration On Demi Moore's Video

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The Diagnosis Of Willis Has Just Been Made

On March 19, Bruce Willis celebrated his 68th Birthday with his family, from which his doctor joined him. A recent diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia has been made for Willis.

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Having a Birthday Party

Bruce's ex-wife Demi Moore shared a video clip on Instagram of his wife, Emma Heming Willis, celebrating his Birthday with a candlelight pie and singing 'Happy Birthday' to him.

Media Credits: People

Celebrated With Pleasure

Our celebration today is only complete with your participation. Having you and my family around makes me happy. We are grateful for the love and warm wishes we have received from everyone. They are felt by us all.' the Ghost actress captioned the video.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

A Message Of Heartfelt Thanks

Rummer shared on Instagram a heartfelt message to her boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas, who is expecting her first child. She wrote, 'Happy Birthday, Daddio! I love you more than anything. You are so cool.'

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Energy That Overflows

She also wished Bruno a happy birthday and expressed gratitude for her kind messages. 'I am overflowing with good energy and love heading this way for Willis. 

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On This Occasion, Scout Posted

Scout also posted a moving post on occasion. 'It's his birthday, so send him lots of love, tenderness, care, and prayer for a moment,' she wrote.

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A Master Of Dualities

As a Pisces king, she is the master of duality, both a gentle girl dad and an action hero icon. Having him as my father has taught me so much about life, joy, mischief, and art.

Media Credits: Page Six

The Family Appeared Later

And at this moment, I'm feeling the sadness and grief today on his Birthday.' Bruce and his family later appeared in a video CocoBaba founder shared.

Media Credits: Pinkvilla

The Love Of My Life

The writer wrote, 'He is pure love. He is loved so much. And I will love him forever. Happy Birthday, my sweet.'

Media Credits: Page Six

Making A Wonderful Contribution

You are doing a wonderful thing by keeping Bruce in your prayers and highest vibrations on his Birthday.

Media Credits: Page Six

Compassionate And Loving

His sensitive Pisces soul will feel it very much. You cared for and loved him as well.

Media Credits: People

Thank You!

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