Beyonce Looks Marvellous; Her Looks Without Makeup!

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A gorgeous human being!

Beyoncé is a stunning human being, as can be seen by anybody with sight. She is also a really good musician. She assumes the character of her alter persona, Sasha Fierce, for her devoted fans during her theatrical live performances.

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The natural look of Beyonce!

The celebrity revealed the truth behind the Sasha Fierce image by posting a stunning Instagram snapshot of herself getting dressed. As it turns out, she is just as beautiful in her natural state.

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Post on Instagram!

The singer posted a picture on Instagram; the picture was taken when she was on tour. Given the May 16 posting date, it is probable that the picture was shot during Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour, where she gave several stunning looks.

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Stunning outfit!

Beyoncé appears a little reflective as she sits in front of a giant mirror with numerous massive light fixtures evenly spaced around the glass. She puts a curling iron to her long hair while donning a low-cut, long-sleeved white cotton dress.

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No makeup photo look!

There is information on Beyoncé in a picture unrelated to the story and shows her without makeup. How many of you know I used to sweep hair at my mother's salon? she asked in her post.

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Appearance in Public!

The singer had already removed her makeup in public. She barely wore any makeup in her 'If I Were a Boy' music video.

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Beyonce stylist!

According to Francesca Tolot, Beyoncé's makeup artist, almost no makeup was present. 'I use moisturizer, possibly some concealer, and lip balm for that.'

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The video looks stunning!

Bey applied eye makeup and lip color in the '1+1' video, but her skin was bare. Tolot, however, used a lot of baby oil. 'After you shoot, you wipe it off with a towel, and your skin is nice and smooth and soft,' continued Tolot.

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