Bachelor in Paradise' Star Jade Roper Reveals Shocking experience with Miscarriage

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Jade Roper sad news

Jade Roper the alum and much loved star of Bachelor in Paradise revealed in a sad unexpected news that she had gone through a heartbreaking miscarriage.

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Painful miscarriage

According to her, her fourth baby which she expected to complete her family sadly passed away before even coming into the world. But this is not the shocking part.

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Shocking experience

Sadly, the baby did not miscarry through the normal process and come out as blood. His heart just stopped beating while still remaining intact in the womb.

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Missed Miscarriage

Roper explained that she is currently experiencing what is called a missed miscarriage, so while his heart has stopped and he has stopped growing, her body hasn’t released the pregnancy yet.

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A sad resting place

The child is still resting in her womb and hopefully will be released into the world naturally. But for now she wishes to hold on to his lovely memory.

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Fans sympathy

After the post, many fans have rallied around her showing their support with heartwarming words and prayers for her and the baby gone to the skies.

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Wish to grow a large family

Jade Roper and her husband Tanner Tolbert after the birth of their third child expressed their hopes to get four children to complete their big family dream.

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Unplanned pregnacy

After the birth of their first child Emmerson 6, the couple initially stated that they were not planning to get another one, but the unplanned birth of their second child brooks made them happy.

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Third child happiness

After brooks their 4 years old boy, the couple then decided they were going for a big family of four children and had their third child 2 year old Reed.

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An unexpected end

This latest pregnancy was going to be the fourth child completing their dreams of four children. However, this miscarriage has caused an unexpected end.

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Hope for a better outcome

As they await the natural departure of their son, jade has started that holding on to him in her belly is both a sad and devastating experience.

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A reason for everything

Yet she has come to believe that there is a reason for everything and she wishes her son soul rest in peace. She ended the post with “We love you with every piece of our hearts, baby Beau.'

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