Awkward Moment; Singer Rain Is Met With Silence During His Performance At K-con La

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The recent K-CON which was held in Los Angeles boosted K-pop fans from all over the world coming to witness some of their favorite artists perform. However, singer Rain was not on the list of fan favorites as during his performance, fans showed no enthusiasm and the whole arena was dead silent.

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Rain who usually gets the shouts of fangirls while performing shirtless, tried his usual trick and showed off his usual dancing and singing skills, including his firm physique by going topless, but the audience was surprisingly quiet during the performance and no single shout of support or fan chants were heard. Some fans reportedly even turned off their lightsticks to show that they do not support Rain.

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According to speculations, this reaction from fans might be because all idol groups managed by Rain seem to end up disbanded or mismanaged. The netizen wrote, 'There were even people who purposely turned off their lightsticks. The reason is because [Rain] always debuts idol groups with the [marketing] premise of producing for them, but he always abandons the group without taking any responsibility. So the foreign fans hate him because of that'.

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For more in-depth understanding, Rain is well-known for having actively promoted and trained the idol group MBLAQ back in 2009, until two members Thunder and Lee Joon left the group in 2014. Despite this, Rain did not attempt to bring the group back and instead sold MBLAQ's past music trophies in street flea markets. This angered many fans at how the agency was managing the group following the departure of the two members.

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Some netizens who attended K-CON LA and witnessed the audience situation during Rain's performance, took to online communities and platforms to share their perspectives on Rain's performance. One wrote “I'm crying it's so quiet for Rain man” while another netizen wrote “Highlight of Rain performance. Crowd flipping him off, barely any light stick in the pit, no one knowing the 2nd song, no one singing the third song, the barricade is on their phone”

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Just recently, another group founded and managed by Rain faced the same fate as the MBLAQ. The Ciipher group which recently made their debut under Rain’s management has reportedly let go of four members Tan, Tag, Dohwan, and Won. The remaining three Ciipher members await future individual activities or possibly a new team creation, yet Rain has made no official move to save the group and bring them back to the spotlight. The poor management of all groups affiliated with Rain seems to have shed a

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After pushing his way through to perform at K-CON LA despite fans’ obvious loss of interest in him as a singer, Rain was met with a very awkward situation during his performance at the event.

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This reaction was expected as fans already previously expressed their anger at Rain when K-CON LA event organizers shared the names of groups that would be making appearances at the event. On Monday, June 12, KCON shared its first official line-up announcements, and several groups found in the word search, like Stray Kids, NMIXX, ITZY, and Kep1er, were included in it. Also included in the line-up was solo artist Rain.

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However, the tweet announcing his performance was met with much anger and frustration from fans who believe Rain mismanaged the two groups he was in charge of. One fan tweeted on X stating “I'm being so serious he should step down as CEO if he's actively taking away opportunities his group should be having and taking opportunities for himself!” Ciipher released two albums in 2021, and one in 2022 before entering a hiatus period with no more releases.

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