04 Aug, 2023


Arnold Schwarzenegger shocks the world 28 years after making $378.9 Million

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Most familiar in the cinema

With a long-acting career, Jamie Lee Curtis is one of Hollywood's most well-known.

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Pictures with emotion

The donor began as a blood and gore film sovereign yet later wandered into parody and emotional motion pictures. Get exclusive updates from factswow.com.

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Millions of money in cinema

Lifting Weights fans recall her as the spouse of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Obvious Untruths, which made $378.9 Million in the cinema world, who wanders off in her marriage (1994).

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Engaged with the fans

Even though Curtis views herself as a contemporary wonder, her effect on motion pictures has engaged fans for quite a long time. In any case, behind all the sparkling popularity lies a sobering story.

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Actress was thankful

The actress from Halloween has been clean for 24 years. Albeit the excursion was uphill, she was thankful.

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Interview happened recently

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Curtis talked about her past while recalling her appearance in 'The Bear' season 2, available to stream on Hulu and FX.

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Enjoying with the friend

The 'Shout Sovereign' symbol got straight to the point about her checkered past. She said, 'I was a sedative fiend and enjoyed a decent narcotic buzz.'

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Effective accessibility

And if fentanyl were accessible, however effectively accessible as it might be today in the city, I'd be dead.'

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Doing with the positivity

The youngsters' book writer is associated with bringing issues to light of HIV/Helps and pediatric considerations. She utilizes her star ability to carry positive change to society.

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Happiness for Curtis

Curtis was happy that she never made any choice affected by narcotics that she may 'lament' for her entire life.

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