03 Aug, 2023


Another chance with Love: Tom Cruise ready to Reunite with Sofia Vergara Source Says

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Tom Cruise

Recognized as one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, Tom Cruise who is 61 has aged like fine wine earning him the title of one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood.

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Sofia Vergara

Sofia is a beautiful Colombian-American actress best known for her olive-colored skin. She is currently 51 and has starred in several hit shows like Stray released in 2023.

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Her split

After eight years of marriage, Sophia finally spilt from her husband Joe Manganiello giving her the freedom to explore love as she, pleases.

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Rekindling love

Following her split, Tom Cruise her previous flame has shown deep interest in rekindling what they both shared.

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Shared history

Tom and Sophia go a long way back. Their love story could be traced back to 2005 when Tom openly wooed and courted her in both their prime.

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Short Love

Their love was however short-lived as just in a few months, Tom Cruise moved on and shared a romantic relationship with Katie Holmes whom he later married.

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Reason for Break-up

Although, a short one, an inside source revealed that Tom and Sophia liked each other, but her fear of Scientology caused their break up.

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This is the belief that everything on earth can be explained and originated from science and Tom Cruise happened to be a strong believer of science.

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Catholic Faith

Sophia on the other hand was a devoted Catholic, who strongly believed in the existence of God and never wanted to waver hence felt the relationship was a dangerous one.

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Fear of Conversion

Because of their deep beliefs, Sophia knew she might have to give up on her faith to be able to continue a relationship with Tom.

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Second Chance

Yet, it looks like there is room for a second chance as sources confirm that Tom Cruise is still interested in her. And is gearing up to woo her back regardless of what it takes.

Media Credits: The Sun

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