Angelina Pivarnick Refused To File Charges On 'Vinny Tortorella'

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Angelina Pivarnick

The 'Jersey Shore' star, Angelina Pivarnick, is putting her unproven altercation with Vinny Tortorella. Though she'd like to call '911' over a domestic violence case, Angelina has rejected the matter to file charges against Vinny and stay engaged with him.

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Angelina wants Privacy

'The matter has been closed now and moving ahead, Angelina will look for privacy since it pertains into her personal life situations,' said James. Stay hooked to Factswow.com for the latest news.

Media Credits : In Touch Weekly

Vinny and Angelina's Relationship

Talking about Vinny and Angelina's current relationship, the attorney stated that his client and Ms. Pivarnick have gotten engaged and are staying together. James spilled the beans on the response of Vinny on the alleged altercation.

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Vinny denied the act of Impropriety

James further stated, 'Mr. Vinny rejects the act of Impropriety and domestic violence that has been warrened by the police. No charges needed to be imposed on my client through Angelina Pivarnick. I requested that his Privacy should be respected in this case.

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Angelina reported the authorities

Previously, Angelina reportedly alerted authorities about a potential domestic violence incident with Vinny. The sources revealed that police swiftly responded to their Freehold, New Jersey residence after her call.

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Angelina, a reality TV Star

The police report has been founded from the sources that the 37-year-old reality Television star refused to file charges against her fiancé, Vinny Tortorella, once the cops arrived at the house.

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Vinny and Angelina Are Engaged

A source revealed, 'Vinny and Angelina remain engaged and deeply in love' regarding their post-incident status. Learn more trending headlines from Factswow.com and explore the glances worldwide.

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Jersey Shore Season 7

The sources unveiled that the duos are now filming for the show, 'Jersey Shore's Season 7, which will be aired soon. Less than a few four months, Vinny and Angelina got engaged and popped into the question to star in 'Jersey Shore: The Family Vacation' in April.

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Vinny loves Angelina so much

Vinney told Angelina, 'I love you so much. There are many things in our life that I can't guarantee, though; I have learned since meeting you that I'll be going on a lovable journey for the rest of my life.

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