19 Apr, 2023


Ana de Armas & Chris Evans Joke Over 'Liking Each Other' After Reunited In Ghosted

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Chris and Armas 

The cozy friendship of Chris Evans & Ana de Armas thrives even after debuting in three movies. Their onscreen chemistry first shone in Knives Out (2019), and they continued to impress in The Gray Man (2022), showcasing their talent.

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Worked Together In Ghosted 

In the upcoming movie Ghosted, Ana de Armas & Chris Evans are excited to explore a fresh dynamic onscreen. De Armas, 34, jokingly remarks that they finally got to 'like each other,' while Evans, 41, shares that this movie allowed them to engage in playful banter. 

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The second movie, Gray Man 

In Gray Man, the duo's second film, they didn't share any scenes, so it was enjoyable to have some banter and delve into this genre finally,' says Evans. He portrays Cole, a regular farmer with a great first date with art curator Sadie, played by de Armas. 

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Refreshing To See Chris In New Role

De Armas said she found seeing Chris in a peculiar role surprising, new, and refreshing. He is not the one in saving, strong, and controlling the day.' She adds, 'It was a lot of fun, though it required hard work, but it was cool.'

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Incredible Stunts 

Evans comments, 'Ana's dedication was incredible. She performed a great number of her own stunts. In the first cave sequence, she was flipping, spinning, kicking, and rolling with such agility. I was genuinely impressed, thinking, 'Wow, someone's been putting in the training!''

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Ghosted airs on Apple TV+

Evans adds that After making three movies together, their connection becomes reliable'. Ana is a consistently professional and a wonderful friend. It's a constant.' De Armas agrees, 'I feel like our friendship gets better and deeper over time.' Ghosted will be streaming on Apple TV+ this Friday.

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